Business Licensing Electronic Support System (BLESS) is a portal that provides information and facilities for companies to apply licences or permits to start operating business in Malaysia. It is a virtual One Stop Service Centre that assists companies to obtain business licences efficiently and in an organized manner.

BLESS facilitates company representative to select relevant licences, fill up the online application forms, submit online and track the progress of the application throughout the process until notification of approval or otherwise. At the same time, BLESS provides an online communication platform for the licensing agencies to communicate directly with the company for any clarification and justification on the licence applications which effectively save time and resources for both parties.

For the initial implementation (Phase 1), BLESS only covers application of business licences for the Manufacturing, Construction and Hotel Sectors and with manufacturing, construction and hotel facilities located within the Klang Valley.


An online one-stop service centre or single window providing:

  • Information regarding business licensing in Malaysia
  • Processing services for the submission, approval and tracking of the issuance of licences for businesses
  • Centralised information for analysis, future planning and service improvements


BLESS features are as follows:

  • Multiple licensing involving multiple agencies
  • Simultaneous processing and updating by respective agencies
  • Composite and standardised forms
  • Online submission
  • Online approval and notification
  • Online query
  • Online tracking and monitoring
  • Electronic payment
  • Feedback mechanism
  • Best practices (Knowledge Repository)
  • Bilingual

Last Update   09/04/2015 11:41 AM