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      How to register your ID in BLESS?

      1. Visit BLESS website at http://open.bless.gov.my using Mozilla Firefox browser.

      2. Click at Login to BLESS as above.

      1. Click on the “click here” link. A pop up window will appear for Applicant to fill in registration (refer below figure).

      1. Applicant needs to fill up the mandatory fields as above form.

      1. Once completed tick the “Declaration box”.

      2. Click the “Submit” button to register BLESS ID.

      3. Otherwise, click the “Close” button to cancel.

      4. A message box will be displayed after the submission is successful. The Notification status regarding your application will be emailed to you within 20 minutes.

      1. Click on the “OK” button to close the message box. Refer the screen as above.

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      How to verify or activate your ID in BLESS system?

      1. You will receive the account verification link email titled, BLESS e-Registration Validation from BLESS system upon your successfully BLESS ID registration.
      2. Once received, read the instruction which require you to click at the address field link. You may click the link to activate your BLESS ID. If the link is not working, copy and paste the link and press enter.
      3. A window will be opened after you click the link or copy and paste the URL. A message “Your account has been successfully activated” will be displayed.
      4.  Enter the user ID and password then click on the Sign In button.
      5. A welcome page will be displayed after you have successfully sign in.


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      Forgot Password > How to reset the BLESS password?


      1.  When you forgot your password, click the link Click here at Forgot your password? as below.


      2.  A pop-window will appear for Applicant to fill in the required fields.      


      3.  Once completed, click on the Submit button or click on the Close button to cancel.  


      4.  The new password will be sent to your email. Use the new password to login at BLESS main portal.


      5.  Go to login screen and login with the new password (8KwUfVPL) as below.


      6.  You are required to change your password upon your first login. Re-enter the password again (8KwUfVPL).


      7.  Enter the New Password. It must be minimum 8 and maximum 20 alphanumeric.


       8. Enter again the new password at the Confirm Password to confirm your new password. Then, click Submit button.


      9. You will successful sign in into BLESS system as above.



    • Q

      What is BLESS?


      BLESS stands for Business Licensing Electronic Support System. BLESS is an online portal service of the Malaysian Government and its agencies, designed for potential businessmen who wish to start or operate businesses in Malaysia. BLESS provides access to a broad range of information on government and other regulations relevant to business proprietors. BLESS also provides an online submission system for the application of approvals/licences/permits to start a business and an online tracking system to track status of applications made through BLESS.

    • Q

      What types of Business Licence can be applied via BLESS?


      Approvals/licences/permits to do business in all sectors of the economy in Malaysia can be applied through BLESS.

    • Q

      Where can I check the status of my application?


      Users will receive application status notification through email once agencies updated the status of their applications. It will provide applicants with the link to BLESS to check the status of their applications.

    • Q

      What do you mean by System Administrator?

      • BLESS Help Operator - BLESS team members whose job is to provide assistance to users of BLESS Portal System.
      • BLESS System Administrator - BLESS team members whose job is to administer the BLESS Portal System.
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      Will the information I submit through BLESS be secured?


      Yes. Once you are connected to our Web Server, you will be connected through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to the Business Licencing Electronic Support System (BLESS) login page. Within the login page, you will need to provide us with an account number (username) and password for user authentication purpose.

    • Q

      Can I save partially completed application form?


      Yes, you can save partially completed form.

    • Q

      Can I make changes to application after I have submitted the application form?


      No, because changes can only be made as and when requested by agency.

    • Q

      Can I register to BLESS without having company registration number?


       Yes, but you can only register your personal details.

    • Q

      What are the benefits of filling the application for approvals/licences/permits through BLESS?


      Filling applications electronically reduces the chance of filling an incomplete application details because your personal details will be extracted directly from your registration profile. BLESS allows applicant to apply various types of business licences of different government agencies at one place and time. With BLESS, applicant's request will be submitted to respective agency in real-time.

    • Q

      Do I need to pay for registration with BLESS if I register as an individual account?


      No fees are required for BLESS registration. Some fees may be required for the application of approvals/licences/permits.

    • Q

      What are the features of BLESS?


      The BLESS portal provides "ONE STOP" online application of approvals/licences/permits to the relevant government agencies. It also gives the applicants the opportunity to track the progress of the application until approval. BLESS platform will provide communication and feedback features for clarifications and responses.

    • Q

      What are the advantages of BLESS?


      BLESS provides easy access to information regarding to do business in Malaysia to the public and local and foreign businessmen and investors. It also provides a one-stop centre that allows applicants to submit and track applications and stakeholders to approve and monitor applications. Through BLESS applicants do not have to go to the various government agencies to submit their applications.

    • Q

      How do I send my feedback & enquiry? Is there any platform that allows discussion between applicant and agencies?


      You can use the feedback & enquiry function to enquire on the business licence information at the portal. This function will be used by the users to post questions and provide a platform for discussion between the applicant and the agencies. Please refer to the 'HELP' guide to know more about the function.

    • Q

      How to apply business licence using BLESS?

      • Step 1: Register your personal and company details to create a BLESS user account.
      • Step 2: Register your Consultant (if applicable).
      • Step 3: Login into BLESS Main Application to start applying for business licence.
      • Step 4: Then click eSubmission link and select types of licence to apply.
      • Step 5: Complete the composite form and submit the application simultaneously.
    • Q

      Can I upload attachment/supporting document into BLESS for my application?


      Yes, BLESS provides attachment facility to allow applicant to upload their attachment.

    • Q

      If I want to make payment for licences fees, what should I do?


      BLESS provides a highly secure online payment gateway to accept payment for the licences fees. For the moment, BLESS accepts online payment through MASTER/VISA Credit Card or FPX. However, applicant can still make payment manually at the relevant government agencies and enter the payment transaction code into BLESS for verification purposes.

    • Q

      Can different company name under the same owner be registered in BLESS?


      Yes, different company name under the same owner can be registered in BLESS.

    • Q

      Can the same consultant register for more than one business owner in BLESS?


      Yes, the same consultant can register to more than one business owner in BLESS.

    • Q

      How do I register my company with BLESS?

      • Step 1 : Register yourself with BLESS by clicking the image "Apply Business Licence Here" at the bottom part of the BLESS main page. Proceed with the individual registration.
      • Step 2 : Using the individual login, proceed logging into BLESS.
      • Step 3 : Click the "Update Profile" tab.
      • Step 4 : Proceed with "Company Profile" sub tab.
      • Step 5 : Insert your company SSM registration number and proceed with the "Update" button.
      • Step 6 : Confirm your company name and proceed with the payment to SSM. This registration shall cost you RM15.90.
      • Step 7 : Confirm your company details before proceeding to download your company information to BLESS.
      Note : Your company details shall be made available to all related agencies that are processing your licence applications. You are no longer required to submit physical company documents such as Form 24 and Form 49.
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      How to check the licence submission status in BLESS?


      1.  To check your licence submission status, visit BLESS http://open.bless.gov.my .

      2.  Click at QUICK STATUS CHECK link.

      3.  For Organisation Type, select from the drop down menu. (Company/Business /Society/Cooperative/Individual).

      4.  Fill up all the details required.

      5.  For Registration No., please fill in either your company registration number or MyKad No. and click button submit.

      6.  For Submission No., please fill in the submission number. E.g: BL2014050246.

      7.  After filling up all the details, click on the Submit button.

      8.  Once submitted, the result will display at the bottom page.

      9.  If you want to check another status or submission just click the Reset button.


    • Q

      How to “Allow Pop Up Blocker”?


      Allow Pop Up Blocker

      • First Guideline
      1. When you have successful added the form in “My Tray”, you will choose the “Action” module to proceed the application.
      2. To fill up the form you need to click this icon .
      3. Most of you failed to open the application form due to “Pop Up Blocker” agent from Mozilla Firefox.
      4. You need to click the “Options” button to allow the “Pop Up Blocker” to display the application form on your computer screen.
      5. After you click the “Option” button, click for option “Allow pop-ups for open.bless.gov.my”.
      6. Then, click again the Fill Up Form” icon > to open or view the application form.
      7. Your form will be displayed as above. You have successfully opened your application form.
      • Second Guidelines

       If you still failed to open or to view your application form by following the first guidelines you may follow the second options as below:

      1. Click on “Tools” tab and select “Options” as below:
      2. One message box will appear as below. Click on “Content” tab. Make sure the “Block pop-up windows” is ticked.
      3. Then click on the “Exceptions” button. You can specify which websites are allowed to open pop-up windows.
      4. Type open.bless.gov.my and click “Allow” button.
      5. The BLESS website has been listed as the website that allowed to open pop-up windows.
      6. Click “Close” button to close the message box. Refer above screen.
      7. The Options window message will still be appeared. Click OK to close the window message.
      8. Then, click again the Fill Up Form” icon > to open or view the application form.
      9. Your form will be displayed. You have successfully opened your application form. Refer above screen.
    • Q

      How to download the Mozilla Firefox browser?


      Our BLESS Portal and Main Application is best viewed using the latest Mozilla Firefox browser or at least version 4.0 above with the 1024 x 768 resolution.

      a. If you do not using the Mozilla Firefox browser, please download it using your current browser.

      1. Visit website http://www.filehippo.com/download_firefox or https://ninite.com/
      2. If you choose Filehippo website (http://www.filehippo.com/), screen as below will display. Click on button “Download” to download the selected Mozilla Firefox.

      1. If you choose Ninite website (https://ninite.com/), the screen as below will be displayed. Select the Mozilla Firefox as below.

      1. Click “Get Installer” button as above to get the installer for Mozilla browser.

      1. Once clicked, the file is starting to download. Please wait until the installer file successfully download.

      1. When the file has successfully download, Open File window will be displayed. Click the “Run” button and wait until it finish setting up.

      1. Once the computer finished setting up the Mozilla Firefox, the status will be changed to “OK”. Click “Close” button to close the pop up window as above.
      2. Mozilla Firefox has successfully installed on your computer. You can check your new browser by click on the “Start” button. Search the Mozilla icon as below screen.

      1. When you click the Mozilla icon, the screen will be displayed as below.

      1. To open BLESS website, go to http://open.bless.gov.my.

      b. If you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser, find out your current Mozilla version. If the version is old version (under 4.0), you are advised to update the Mozilla with the latest version.

      1. Check the Mozilla browser version before updating the latest version. Go to “Help” tab >About Mozilla Firefox >right click.

      1. A pop up window will display your current Mozilla version as below. Click “OK” button.

      1. System will inform that your browser is out of date. You are advised to upgrade for the latest version.
      2. Click the “Firefox Free Download” button as below.

      1. The system will download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. Please wait until the downloading process is completed.

      1. Once the computer finished download the Firefox Setup, a pop up message box will be displayed as above.
      2. Click on the Firefox Setup Stub 30.0.exe and a pop up message box will be displayed which will request your permission to run the file. Click on the Run button as below.

      1. Once the “Run” button is clicked, a Firefox Setup pop up window will be displayed as below. Click on Upgrade button to upgrade the Mozilla Firefox version.

      1. If above pop up message appear, click "Ok" buttton to proceed the process.

      1. Once the Mozilla Firefox successfully installed in your computer, a pop up window message will be displayed as above. Click “Finish” button to close the pop up window.
      2. To know whether your browser has successfully updated to the new version or not, go to Help tab and select About Mozilla Firefox and enter.

      1. Your browser has been successfully updated to the latest version, which is version 30.0.

      1. To open BLESS website, go to http://open.bless.gov.my