Find Out About Application Guideline

General Guidelines on how to Apply Business Licence via BLESS

Step-by-Step guide on applying for licences and permits using the Malaysia Business Licensing Support (BLESS)

Getting Started

  1. Make sure you are already register your company with Company Commission of Malaysia (CCM).
    Click here for more information on how to register your company with CCM
  1. Once you have registered your company you need to register to BLESS.
    Click here for more information on how to register to BLESS

Note: In general, application of a business licence via BLESS can only be submitted on behalf of a company registered in Malaysia with exception to a Manufacturing Licence application. In the latter case, an individual is allowed to submit the licence application based on a proposed manufacturing activity.
Malaysian Industrial Development Authority shall evaluate the proposed manufacturing activity and subsequently shall grant interim approval or otherwise. A Manufacturing Licence can only be issued to a company that has been identified to take on the approved manufacturing activity.

Select Licence

  1. Once registered with BLESS please click on "Apply Business Licence Here" icon.


  1. Login into BLESS application if you are already registered with BLESS or if you are new user please register your self as BLESS user.


  1. Once successfully logged into BLESS, go to "Submission" Tab.


  1. Please select "Sector", "Sub Sector", "Agency" , "State" and "Local Authority". Click Filter button and the list of licence you can apply will be listed based on selection you select.


  1. Choose the licences/permits you want to apply for by checking the boxes.
    1. Click on "Checklist & Guideline" to know more about the licence/permit.


  1. Once confirm on licence you pick, click "Add to Tray" button.


  1. Check your selection appearing inside the "My Tray" Tab. Click on "Proceed to Licence Tray" button and follow the instructions on the screen.



Fill up licence forms

  1. To fill up licence form click on "Fill Up Form" button.
  2. Once complete fill up the licence click "Submit Application" button to proceed with the process of licence you submit.

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