Problem Using BLESS?

Clearing Cache for Mozilla Firefox

Should you encounter any problem or error while surfing BLESS website, kindly ensure that your computer cache are cleared.  The errors that you may encounter due to the cache are as follows:

  • Portal information are not properly/fully populated
  • Error messages popping out while accessing the application

Steps to Clear Mozilla Browser Cache

The steps to clear your browser cache are as follows:

a.      Open your Mozilla Firefox Browser

b.       Click  on  <History>


c.        Choose the option <Clear Recent History>

d.       For the Option of  <Time range to clear>, select <Everything>


e.       Then Click on  <Details>

f.          Please ensure that you have selected all the checkboxes.


g.      Then click on <Clear Now>.  All cache will be deleted.


Note:  Should any of the problem that you are facing still persist after the above steps are taken, kindly contact our BLESS Call Centre as follows:

BLESS Call Centre
Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU)
Prime Minister's Department
Level 5, Block D5
Complex D
62546 Putrajaya

Tel: 1-300-88-1020